Tuesday, July 31, 2018

A Wake Up Call

So I've been struggling with eating. How does one find time to plan, shop for, prepare and eat food? That question is meant to be lighthearted and exaggerated, but really it is a struggle to create time to find things to eat and to eat well. I find that my kids prefer basic, bland and predictable meals refusing the more adventurous creations full of vegetables. I also find that with kids things just take longer. It takes longer to get them out the door and back to the house, it takes them a long time to eat and messes are more frequent and take longer to clean up. I love my kids and I'm okay with this (most days), but I have let myself spiral into a dietary pattern that is less than ideal. The spacing between my meals have grown longer and snacks are less frequent. The more difficult foods to prepare including a great deal of vegetables and meats have been decreased dramatically in frequency. Freezer entrees are much more frequent and aren't always paired with balanced sides.

The consequence of these seemingly simple dietary changes in addition to decreased exercise and increased stress are finally calling me to change. I want to say goodbye to fatigue, mixed up hunger cues, nausea, decreased appetite, lower than ideal blood sugars and insomnia.

As I commence a journey of healing and health optimization I hope to be sharing some ideas for simple snacks and meals that work for me. The reason for this is that simple is what I must have to make this work. Just remember that every body is different. While I must eat every 2-4 hours others might be able to go longer. While I feel I can eat a variety of foods from all food groups, others might find themselves reacting negatively to certain foods. A key point to remember here is general nutritional recommendations are a good starting point to get back on track, but our bodies give us the final say of how to optimize our individual health.

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