Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Reducing Food Waste One Apple Peel at a Time

Apple Dirt

I prefer to peel my apples and pears prior to dehydrating them for a softer (more kid and tooth friendly) treat, but I hate to throw out the peels! Enter apple dirt. Rather than throwing out your peels*, dry them along with the apple slices and then pulse them in a blender until they resemble fine bread crumbs or "dirt". The end result is a natural sweetener full of vitamins and fiber. My two year old daughter agrees that this, combined with thawed frozen berries and almonds, is the perfect match for hot cooked oatmeal. Store unused apple dirt in an airtight container preferably in the freezer.

* I recommend saving only Organic or lightly/never sprayed homegrown produce peels. Refer to the Dirty Dozen list for more information concerning crops typically sprayed extensively with pesticides. Note that apples, pears and peaches all make the list.

Step 1: Dry the peels until crisp
Step 2: Pulse in blender until crumbly
Step 3: Top or stir into oatmeal

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